May 3-5




•Welcome to Country


•Interactive Art Space

•Keynote Speakers

•International Dinner

•Art Exhibition
Children’s/Families Program


•Living Together

•The Sacred



•Inclusive Community






Festival Enquiries

Kerrie  0425 736 805

Charles 0478 595 769

Jan- 03 5258 2854

Louise-  0433 462 212

Sacrededge is our response to a sometimes harsh and fearful world.

It is an opportunity to connect with people
from diverse backgrounds.

Rather than debate and argue about issues Q&A style,  this unique festival listens to people from the edge…
their stories, music, poetry.

The presenters, artists and performers come from a variety of backgrounds -

Indigenous, Refugee, LGBTIQ people, Carers for the Earth. 

They are the voices from the edge who are vulnerable and not normally heard.

With a bunch of people from different spiritual traditions and none, 

people who love stories, justice, ideas, music and the arts, community is created. 

Sacrededge is a lived experience of how we can treasure each other in all our glorious diversity and find our hearts and minds expanded and enriched.

There are over 30 top class musicians and presenters at Sacrededge.

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Sacrededge Support Worker


0433 462 212

Festival of arts, music and ideas held at the Uniting Church in Queenscliff each year since 2014.

Dates for 2019-

3,4,5 May.

2018 program

2018 short profiles

Judy Stickland

Art Exhibition Launch

Jan Morgan & Graeme Garrett

”Does beauty say adieu? The call
of beauty in a disfigured world”

SacredEdge Exhibition Awards-
Steve Singline

Transcripts from the Festival

SacredEdge Photos

Link to photographs of the festival

Link to 2018 Artists, Musicians, Presenters

“Look! Mirrors!”
The Young Edgers reflect
on the festival theme.